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Prayer Exercises

Scripture Prayers

Psalm 139
Psalm 139 with music

This page will offer you an opportunity to engage

your imagination in prayer, entering into Scripture

and the stories of Jesus

as a way to listen and respond to the Spirit's invitation to you.

Imaginative Prayer:

We are formed by what we listen to and who we spend time with. As people who desire to be shaped by God and formed into the likeness of Jesus we are invited to listen to God's Word and spend time with Jesus in prayer. One way to spend time with him, is to enter into the stories of his life we find in the gospels and experience them as if we were there ourselves. Our imagination is an amazing gift which allows us to do this. 


The titles to the right invite you to enter into various stories from the Gospels, imagining yourself sitting and listening to Jesus teach in the synagogue, or watching as John baptizes him in the river. You can accompany Jesus on dusty roads as he travels from town to town. You can marvel at his many miracles and experience the way he interacted with people just like you.  

Many gospel stories are familiar but praying them allows us to experience Jesus in a whole new way. I invite you to take a few minutes and enter into the world of these stories, watching and listening to Jesus.

The titles to the left are passages of Scripture read as prayers. Each passage is presented in both spoken word alone format or accompanied by gentle background music. Simply click on the prayer you wish to pray, sit back, close your eyes and receive the Word spoken over you.

The Gospel Story Prayers each have another page where you can read the dramatized story for yourself as you listen. Clicking on the title will take you to this new page. 

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