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On the Water
Matthew 14:22-32


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On the WaterMatthew 14:22-32
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You are in a fishing boat with your friends on the Lake of Galilee. It is dark. The boat bobs gently on the water. You have been fishing all night and are tired.


You feel a slight shudder beneath you as the wind begins to pick up, and the surface of the water begins to churn, then roil. When the boat starts rocking from side to side, you hold on tight to the gunwale. There is movement all around you as your friends tend to the sails, shout instructions, and cling to the boat. You look up to the horizon. In the distance, you see a storm cloud bearing down upon you as waves start splashing over the side of the boat. The darkness engulfs you as you keep watch….


Suddenly, someone cries, “It's a ghost,” You strain your eyes and see, way off in the distance, what appears to be a human figure… walking toward you over the surface of the water. You look at one of your friends, then at another. “Do you see it?”


“Take courage!” a voice says. “It is I. Do not be afraid.”


That voice! You recognize that voice. You can see him standing there, on the water, Jesus, his robe flapping in the wind, a look of peaceful calm on his face.

You summon your courage. “Lord,” you call into the darkness, “if it's you, tell me to come to you on the water.”


“Come,” he says to you.


You hesitate, then swing one leg over the gunwale and let it dangle there. Pause and let your eyes lead you. Can you see the whitecaps? Can you feel them grabbing at your feet? Can you still see Jesus? Now swing your other leg over the gunwale. As you sit on the edge of the boat, inches from the water, take a deep breath… and then…push off.


What happens?

What do you feel?

Where is Jesus?

Come, he says


Remain here for a moment. How do you respond to Jesus’ invitation to Come? Can you trust Jesus? What are you feeling?

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